Turkey Scholarship 2022 for Pakistani Students Fully Funded online registration has been started now. Applications for the academic semester of 2022-2023 are currently being accepted online by Pakistani students for the Turkish Government Scholarship (Turkiye Burslari) 2022. You will be able to take advantage of a wide range of educational options in Turkey as a result of this scholarship. The deadline for the Turkish government scholarship is February 24, 2022. 148+ Turkey Scholarships for Pakistani students 2022-23 have been announced.


The Turkish government is very happy to establish a good relationship with Pakistan by giving their students scholarships from their tuition fees for free. Students from all around the globe will be chosen for the Turkey Scholarships 2022.

The cost of living and education expenses as well as the travel expenses will be covered by the Turkish scholarships.


This will help you manage your career in the future in a more effective manner. Students from Pakistan can apply for the Turkiye Burslari scholarships starting January 10, 2022. You have the ability to select the program you want to use in the languages you need.


You should apply for a scholarship to study in Turkey if you have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. You may also need to consider other factors such as the cost of living and visa requirements.

Scholarships offer students lots of learning opportunities in the highly regarded universities in Turkey.

You can apply for any of the levels of study, including master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and Ph.D. in this Turkish scholarship program. In this program, you can gain new cultures, horizons, and new experiences as well.


There are many options in Turkish universities. Students have the ability to apply to the various subjects offered by these schools.

Those with the best academic performance will be honored at a special ceremony and will enjoy the benefits associated with being part of the scholarship program.

The best option to learn the Turkish language would be to attend Turkish Government sponsored language training for one year.


The government of Turkey is making every effort to make the journey of education of Pakistani students attending Turkish University as smooth as possible.

This course in Turkish can help you learn about Turkey’s Turkish traditions and people as well as work with them in a more efficient manner.

The scholarships for all of the above courses are completely free and come with the advantages of home or travel allowances.


Imagine your future now, knowing that you’re not far away from reaching your goals as the Turkey Government Scholarship 2022 has come knocking on your door with a stunning invitation.

This course will cover the basics of financial management and distribution, and you’ll learn how to distribute all the money from the stipends you receive over time.

Turkey Scholarship For Pakistani Students 2022


This online scholarship is a unique opportunity for anyone in the world to take part in it. This program is fully funded so all the benefits are free for everyone.

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The application period for Türkiye Scholarships will open soon. To apply for a scholarship, go to the Türkiye Scholarships Information System (TBBS) and click on the application icon.

The fully funded Turkish government scholarship 2022-2023 is available for international students to study in Turkey.

The Turkey Bursa Scholarship Program for the 2022-2023 academic year opens in late August.

When is the deadline for submitting the online application? — The deadline for submitting online applications is Feb. 2022.

You’ve got what it takes to succeed online but are unsure how to start or get going? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are 4 key reasons to get started today…


NO.Scholarship NameApply Date
1.Ali kusku science and technology scholarship Pakistan
2.Turkey Burslari Scholarship for International students
3.Türkiye Scholarships for International StudentsFeb
4.Postgraduate Scholarships In Turkey’s Near East UniversityFeb
5.International Students Masters/Ph.D. Scholarships at Eastern Mediterranean University in Turkey
6.Scholarships for International Students at Yeditepe University, Turkeyvaries
7.International Students, Near East University Scholarships in TurkeySeptember
8.Foreign Students Fatih Sultan Mehmet VakIf University Scholarships in TurkeyJuly
9.MS and Ph.D. Scholarships in TurkeyJuly
10.Success and Support Scholarships for International Students in TurkeyOctober
11.Ozyegin University Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarships, TURKEYvary

Fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students in Turkey 2022 MBBS

The Turkish government announced the scholarship program for students from South Asian countries. It is yet unclear when the deadline for the application process will be published.

To get the best possible price and the lowest risk, go with the online method and provide all the information.

Following submission, the Turkey Scholarship administration will review your HEC papers and if everything is correct, they will approve your application

Is the Turkey scholarship fully funded?

There is an official announcement for the Turkey Scholarship in 2022, which will be held for the first time.

Turkish government scholarships for international students are completely supported. You can apply to any field of study including business, engineering, medicine, and more.

Turkey Burslari Scholarships, which are offered for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D.

Students who are currently studying or planning to study in Turkey.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 2022 application form

There are several steps you must take before submitting any data. Make sure you’ve read all of the directions.

Turkey application forms must be submitted by the 20th of February of each year.

You’ve only got a few more days to submit your application.

You shouldn’t forget that the Turkish scholarship application process is completely free.

Whether you’re applying for a Turkey Scholarship, or want to take advantage of higher education, we’ve got the information you need!

Log in here for the Turkish Student Scholarship Program.

“Turkey Scholarship 2022 Official Website

If you haven’t been contacted for an interview yet, it may be because your application was not submitted correctly and there’s nothing more we can do at this point.

You can find out whether you’ve been selected as a Turkey government scholarship recipient from the Turkey Government Scholarship outcomes page.

Türkiye Scholarships 2022 Applications

The fully-funded Government of Turkey scholarships for Pakistani students in engineering and technical fields for the 2022-2023 academic year is now open for online applications.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Requirements

For graduate students under the age of 24, For postgraduate students under the age of 32, For doctoral-level programs under the programs: being under the age of 30,  For Research Scholarship: being under the age of 25.

Turkey Scholarship Benefits for Pakistani Students

If you are a Pakistani student studying abroad, you may want to apply for the Turkey Scholarship. The scholarship will help you financially while you study in Turkey, and you can have your tuition paid by the Turkish government to you over the course of your studies.

The Turkish Government offers scholarship programs for international students and scholars. These programs provide housing allowances, travel, and visa costs for those from outside Turkey.

Here are some of the significant benefits of the Turkey scholarship program.

  • Free Accommodation:

The Turkey Scholarship provides free accommodation for students from public Turkish universities without payment of any fees.

If you’re looking for a place to live when your study is over, then consider the alternative accommodation options that you have available to you.

  • No tuition fees:

Some Turkish universities give scholarships to students from Pakistan. They do not charge any tuition or administrative fees to these students.

  • Health insurance:

As a student in Turkey, all your health care needs are taken care of through public health insurance, which makes health care in Turkey much cheaper and better than it is in other countries.

When a student is unwell, this is a very good thing. If the student is unwell, public healthcare insurance will be covered, and the student will not have to pay any amount.

  • Travel Expenses:

This program is offered to deserving students, but it will only be available for those who will buy their own plane tickets. The funds for the scholarships will be refunded to the students after they have completed their studies.

Students who qualify will receive an official, state-subsidized card that grants them the right to move to a housing unit of their choosing, and at a very low subsidized cost.

Turkey Scholarship Language Requirement for Pakistani Candidates

You need to have a good knowledge of the Turkish language before attempting this course. But many students take a one-year course in Turkish and study all the grammar points and even get fluent in the language.

  • The course for a whole year does not exceed or less than this period
  • Work to improve students’ linguistic skills
  • There are no exceptions to the Turkey Language course

International students are not required to study only one language in addition to English. This course will help international students to get to know Turkish better. It is said that the student stay longer to attend this course.

List of Documents Needed for Turkish Scholarship Application:

The following set of documents needs to be prepared by Pakistani students in order to submit their application online:

  • Diploma Grade
  • Average Grades
  • High School Graduation
  • University Entrance Exam Grade
  • CGPA
  • Letter of intent
  • International Test Score

How Pakistani Students can apply for Turkey Scholarship?

The application is made online every year. If you want to apply for scholarships online, you must go through the Turkish Scholarships online application system.

Make sure to prepare the important documents required to apply for your Turkish Scholarship program, including a well-organized resume.

The applicant should provide all the requirements accurately. You must answer all of the questions fully. You should carefully read the instructions before you start filling in the form.

The final deadline for scholarship submissions is the first week of February each year. Better submit your application before the deadline. The Turkish scholarship program is free of charge.

You don’t need to pay any fee for this job. You should keep visiting the U.S. Citizenship Application status results notice for an interview email/call.

If your Turkish Visa Application has been accepted, you will receive an official Turkish Embassy invitation letter from the Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs informing you of the results.


The scholarship’s qualifying requirements have been made public, and you may review them on this website before submitting an application.

  1. In Turkey, your “CGPA” is required to be checked by the government.
  2. Your “Grades” will be scrutinized.
  3. Check to see whether you have a degree.
  4. A score from a foreign nation.

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