PUCIT Entry Test MCQs Punjab University College of Information Technology 2022

Pucit Entry Test Preparation Online


The Punjab University College of Information Technology PUCIT has decided to conduct the entry test for the post of Assistant Professor in the following Computer Science Department. : Vacancy Number Name of the Post Mode of AdmI-Level Computer Science M. Sc. (Information Technology or IT) 2011–12 Computer Science M. Sc. (Information Technology or IT) 2011–12 Computer Science M. Sc. (Information Technology or IT) 2011–12 Computer Science M. Sc. (Information Technology or IT) 2012–13 Computer Science M. Sc. (Information Technology or IT) 2013-2014The Punjab University College of Information Technology PUCIT has decided to conduct the entry test for the freshers and students of PG course in the month of April 2014. Candidates can enter their application online at http://www.pucit.edu/career-opportunities/fresher-and-student-entrance -test-2014/ Careers are advertised on a daily basis at the receipts department of our university, and processed as per their instructions. All the candidates who have applied for this test can check out their results from http://www.pucit.edu/career-opportunities/fresher-and-student-entrance -test-2014/ over there. If you are interested in this job and want to know more about the position, become a member of our university community as soon as possible and you will be able to get updates directly from us. You can also log in to your user account using Your profile name is protected at all times. If your profile name is shared with anyone, it will not be visible to the public and should be changed as soon as possible. If you have received a friend request from someone who sends you a message,

How to Prepare for the PUCIT Entrance Exam?

The PUCIT is a competitive exam which is conducted by the Public Universities Commission of India. It is one of the most important exams in India and it can determine your career prospects for decades to come. The PUCIT exam is a multiple-choice test and it has three sections – General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, and Analytical Ability.PUCIT 2018: Important Dates of the PUCIT exam the exam will be held on 10th January 2019. The exam will start at 09:00 AM and the examination would conclude by 12 midnight. The last date of registration is 30th August 2018. In case you have already registered then you must go through the official website as soon as you can as there might be some changes. The official website of PUCIT is www.puci.org and you can book your seats for PUCIT by making use of the online registration process. If you have booked your seats online then you should keep yourself updated about the exam dates like exam schedule, exam cutoff date,

What is the latest Pucit Entry Test Preparation Online 2022?

PUCIT is the civil service examination for Pakistan. This test prepares students for the Civil Service Examination and other competitive exams such as MCQs & interviews, which are compulsory to apply for a job in Pakistan. The first test was held in 1951 and the examination was free of charge to all candidates. The Pakistan Civil Service Commission is responsible for conducting the exam, while the Exam Board of Pakistan administers it. Candidates must pass this exam to be eligible for government jobs like Police officers, Analysts, or Engineers in Pakistan. Candidates who pass the test have a chance to apply for any government job in Pakistan. Candidates who pass the exam have a chance to get admission to any government-recognized educational and professional institutions such as the National University of Sciences and Arts (NUSSA), Sukkur, Government College of Pakistan, Sargodha or Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU). in Sargodha. This is a difficult exam. Agencies that offer this exam are Federal Government, Pakistan Military, Provincial Government, and private institutions. Syed Aijaz Ahmad Banojee, Senior Staff Officer (SO) at DG College of Arts and Science, Nusratabad, has written an article titled “Physics Tutor Qualification 2017” in The News Pakistan.

PUCIT Practice Tests for the Latest PUCIT Exam

PUCIT Exam is a common exam for all the postgraduate courses in India. It is a real-time exam that tests your knowledge of various topics. Though it is an important exam, it can be quite difficult to prepare for and decipher.

PUCIT Practice Tests are designed to help you prepare for PUCIT Exam and will help you understand the concepts better. They are very useful in both preparing you for PUCIT Exam as well as when you need to study for PUCIT Exam because they give you a quick way to understand concepts and questions on PUCIT Exam. They also help students who want to know more about the topics covered in the exam before taking it themselves, so that they can focus on their studies rather than worrying about whether or not they have done enough preparation.

Pucit Entry Test MCQs

  1. PUCIT entry test contains 35 MCQs.
  2. The total marks are 140 ie, each question contains 4 marks.
  3. There is no negative marking on the PUCIT entry test.
  4. You will get 4 marks for each correct answer.
  5. You will get 1 mark for each unattempted question.
  6. And you will get 0 marks for each wrong question.
  7. The time allowed for the test is 60 minutes.

The paper contains only these topics of Math but no other subject:

  • Quantitative portion: 1-27 MCQs


Proportion (simple and compound)

Average (mean)






Day and Date problems

Shape problems etc.

Analytical Reasoning: 28-35 MCQs

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