PMS Syllabus 2022

After this PMS Syllabus 2022, you’ll be asked to write a letter to your parents and friends to thank them for their love and support. You can write about the experiences you have had, about how much you have grown as an individual, and how much you have learned during your school career. You can also tell them about the new opportunities you have got since you joined the school.


A proper PMS will ensure you get your marks back easily. If you fail to prepare properly, it will make you frustrated. You have to take your lessons seriously and follow the teacher’s instructions carefully.

PPSC is the biggest examination board of Punjab. The PPSC board holds several exams every year, and this exam is usually held in December. The board has given two option papers for this exam. These include the PCM Optional Subject Examination and the PCM Compulsory Subject Examination. Students who do not take PCM compulsory subject examinations are allowed to take it in November. This test is for students who did not pass PCM optional subject examination in December.


Write a contact paragraph on this topic. It is important to know that the PMS exam is used to select officers to join different provincial departments within BPS-17. It is an entrance test for the provincial public service commission. You can get a job within the province you pass your PMS exam. The main objective of the PMS exam is to assess your skills and knowledge. The syllabus is divided into two parts. One part is compulsory and the other is optional. You can visit the official website to check your PMS syllabus. You can get the syllabus for each subject individually. The syllabus contains the information on the topics you need to study for the test.


The main purpose of this PMS syllabus is to prepare the aspirants for different government jobs and recruitment in the Punjab State. The PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) is a federal organization that conducts examinations in order to select candidates for various positions in different departments of the Punjab State. The commission works under the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Government of India. There are many posts in different departments of the Punjab State, and these posts are very important for all the people who want to work in the Punjab State.

The PPSC recruits the best candidates in order to fill the vacancies. The commission has been conducting exams since 1955, and it has a large number of aspirants every year.


Before you write a contact paragraph, you should first look at the PMS syllabus and find out what the minimum requirements are. The PMS syllabus is given in the course catalog.

The PMS syllabus lists the subjects that are required for the Combined Competitive Examination. You will find out that the PMS syllabus lists the number of subjects required for the exam. If you are interested in a particular subject, you should consider taking it as one of your electives. After all, what is good for you is good for the country. So if you find something you are passionate about, why not learn more about it? You can make your life better by pursuing your interests.


There are two ways to go about preparing for PMS exam. One is to go for the PMS course offered by PMS institute, the other is to study independently using books and guides. If you are not sure which option to choose, you must choose the latter. In fact, if you are not comfortable with PMS course, you must choose the independent path. Both options offer a certificate of completion.

PMS institute has a different syllabus every year. They also have a separate website for the syllabus of the next academic year. For example, this year the PMS institute has announced the syllabus for the academic year beginning in August 2020.

PMS Syllabus 2022


These are the topics that students should learn and practice during their high school years. The syllabus is divided into five parts. The first part is about the language used in the subject. The second part covers the history of the subject. In the third part, you will find information about the present-day condition of the subject. The fourth part tells you what skills you should master in the subject. The fifth part provides the information on how to get a job in the field of the subject. These are the topics that you must know if you want to pass the exam. There are six mandatory subjects that you should learn for the PMS examination. These are listed below.


The PMS is an important exam that is used to determine whether the candidates have the abilities to manage the government organizations. The Punjab Public Service Commission conducts the PMS exams, which are divided into two parts: The first one is the examination on organizational skills, while the second is a test of your analytical skills. These tests are very important to the applicants because they are the only way to get a good job after passing the PMS exams. You can learn more about the PMS examinations in our PMS Syllabus and the PPSC Exam Pattern pdfs.

The PPSC subjects that are compulsory in the PMS exams include Finance, Personnel Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and Information Technology.


The topics in this paper can be divided into different categories. For instance, the subjects that deal with human rights include topics like gender equality, freedom of expression, and the death penalty. Topics about governance cover topics like land acquisition, the environment, water supply, and the power sector. Topics on the economy include topics like economic growth, inflation, unemployment, taxation, and the stock market. Education includes topics like school reforms, school management, teacher training, and curriculum reforms. Other topics that can be included in this paper include topics on culture and religion, and topics related to the Punjab Police.

Senior. NoSubjectMarksSyllabus
Group (A)
1Commerce200Download Syllabus
3Business Administration200
4Public Administration200
Group (B)
5Agriculture200Download Syllabus
6Animal Science200
Group (C)
9Mathematics200Download Syllabus
10Computer Science200
12Principle of Engineering200
Group (D)


For this exam, students must know the current news, especially about Pakistan and the rest of the world. Students should know the current political situation, cultural trends, scientific advances, technological changes and the history of the country.

For instance, if you want to write a paper about Pakistan’s economy, you would need to know the current government policies, which political parties are active, and how their leaders interact with each other. You can learn all about these matters by reading the newspapers and other publications.

If you want to make sure that you write a perfect paper, you should read several newspapers and magazines, listen to the radio, watch television, and study books related to the subject.

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