HEC Degree Attestation 2022

HEC Degree Attestation 2022, The main purpose of this degree attestation is to ensure that the applicant is eligible for a particular course and has obtained the degree in question. They will have to complete the online process within six months. HEC Degree Attestation is mandatory for those who want to apply for admission to US universities.

The degree attestation from HEC is very necessary for those who want to pursue their higher education in the USA or any other country that requires the HEC Degree Attestation. Applicants have to create their profiles on the official website of HEC and can easily access the degree attestation form on this page.


All Pakistan universities and colleges have been ordered by the government to issue the attestation certificates to all foreign students who have received their bachelor’s degrees from them. The University of Peshawar is the first in the country to introduce the new policy, which has been adopted by the government in a bid to make the educational system more transparent. The University of Peshawar is also the only university in Pakistan which offers graduate and master’s programs. It has been mandatory for the university to issue the certificate of degree attestation to the candidates who have graduated from the university. All the students who have received their bachelor’s degree from the university are also required to submit the required documents.


The Department of Higher Education (HEC) was established in 1992, with the aim to promote the educational interests and academic growth of students and to support the institutionalized improvement of universities. HEC is one of the largest departments within the Government of Pakistan. It has been formed under the Higher Education Commission (HEC), which is headed by the Minister for Education.

In order to support the higher education sector, HEC has established two separate institutions, namely, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the Higher Education Commission (Pakistan) (HEC). The HEC has the mandate to provide the necessary guidelines, assistance, and support in the development of the higher education system in the country.


The best way to obtain an education degree in Pakistan is to submit your original certificate, mark sheet and mark card to the HEC website along with a photocopy of your ID. You can apply for your degree online or you can visit the nearest HEC office to obtain your degree. You will receive a degree certificate after you have submitted your documents and the process of attesting your degrees will take several weeks.

The Pakistan Institute of Education Sciences is the governing body of higher education in Pakistan. HEC Islamabad is a branch of PIESS and has been approved to offer degrees in various disciplines. HEC Islamabad accepts students in all discipline and offers a wide range of courses.


If you want to get a degree, you must first check with your university or college. It should tell you what type of degree is available and what is required to get it. It should also tell you the cost of the degree and what documents are needed to get it. After you have the information, you should gather the appropriate documents and send them in a time frame that is convenient for the institution. Make sure that the university and the college have all the necessary information. You need to include a copy of your high school diploma, a copy of your GED or any other proof that shows you are qualified to graduate. You must also send in a photocopy of the transcripts from all schools attended.


One thing you should remember when you are applying for a higher education degree is that you need to make sure that your degree attestation is valid. Make sure that you are doing it because you really want to learn about it. If you are thinking that you want to get a degree because it will help you to make money or because it will help you to improve your job prospects, you are making a mistake. You should only apply for what you really want to learn about. The second thing that you should know is that you need to make sure that your degree is accepted in your country.


To earn a bachelor’s degree, you must attend classes. You must write a thesis for one of your courses, which may be about a topic related to your course. After you’ve written the thesis, you need to take your final examination. You may have to write a paper that is related to your topic. After you have taken your final exam and written your thesis, you need to submit it to HEC for approval. This process may take a few weeks or a couple of months. He or she may have some questions about your thesis.


Have you applied for HEC degree attestation? Do you need your degree to be certified by HEC? How much time does this process take? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, read this step-by-step guide. This guide will tell you about the different types of degrees that HEC will attest to and the eligibility requirements. It will also explain to you what the procedure is and how you can make sure your application is accepted and that your documents are attested. Before you can apply for attestation of your degrees by HEC, you must meet a number of requirements. First, you must have an original degree from a recognized university. This can include universities that are affiliated with HEC.

Senior. NoDegree ProgramDocuments to be attested
(i)Bachelor (14/15/16 years of education)Associate Degree Degree/Provisional Certificate Detailed marks Certificate (DMC)/Transcript Incomplete Transcript Composite Transcripts
(ii)Master (16/17 years of education)
(iii)MSc (Hons)/MS/MPhil (17.5/18 years of education)
(v)Postgraduate Diploma/Diploma, with a prerequisite of Bachelor’s degree (minimum 14 years old)Postgraduate Diploma/Diploma Th8e Certificate of Marks Detailed (if there is any)
(vi)Membership/Fellowship CertificatesFCPS and MCPS Certificates were granted by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) and checked through the Controller of Examination, CPSP.
(vii)Shadatul Alia fil Uloom al Arabia wal IslamiaFollowing the issuance of an Equivalence Certificate from HEC Final Sanad in the form of “Shadatul Alia fil Uloom al Arabia wal Islamia” and its transcript (Kashful Darajat) can be authenticated by providing and entering specifics for Aama, Khasa, and Alia via the online application form for attestation.
(viii)Shadatul Almiya fil Uloom al Arabia wal IslamiaFollowing the issuance of an Equivalence Certificate from HEC Final Sanad from “Shadatul Almiya fil Uloom al Arabia wal Islamia” its transcript (Kashful Darajat) can be attested by providing the specifics for Aama, Khasa, Alia, and Almiya via an online attestation form.
(ix)Equivalence Certificate (HEC)The Equivalence certificate issued by HEC of any degree or certificate (Foreign/Local/Deeni Assad)


To apply for HEC, you must obtain the HEC degree attestation for the degree. You may have to pay a fee for this service. The document you need to provide to prove that you have completed the required courses. HEC degree attestation is usually a PDF file that you will need to print out. You will also need to fill out a form. The form will ask you about your coursework. HEC will use the document that you provide to verify your degree. The validity period tells you how long you can use the document.


​​​​​​For any query feel free to contact HEC Call Centre UAN: (051) 111-119-432

Or, ​​0334​​-​​111​9432

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