You can get the latest update about Allama Iqbal open university tutor name  and Address for All classes

AIOU has released the timetable for the Annual exams of Matric, FA, BA, MA and almost all other classes. On the other hand, in some of the AIOU news, many students are looking for the AIOU Tutor Address. But there is no more need to look for the AIOU tutor address as we are going to provide you with the AIOU tutor address for every class of BA, MA, Matric, FA and all other classes. AIOU has recently announced the new tutor address for all the students. In the year 2022, the students can get their tutoring address from the following website. Here you will also get the details regarding the AIOU online library that is going to be open in the year 2022.

1.What is the AIOU tutor address?

As a student of AIOU, you should be very habituated to their website, as you will have to refer to it almost every day. AIOU has a well-organized and detailed website with several functionalities for its students. Just go to this link to get the AIOU tutor’s address. You can contact them to get answers to all your queries. You may also get in touch with us through the comments section below if you are unable to get the tutor’s contact details.

2. How to get AIOU tutor addresses for all classes?

 Thanks for visiting our website. There are many ways to get Aiou Tutor’s address and name. Please visit the official website of the Pakistan education board. The (R) Roll Number of your desired Aiu Tutor is been given in an online form for you to fill up. After filling up the roll number of your desired Aiu Tutor in the online form, please click on Submit button. Now the Aiou Tutor’s details are been displayed on your computer screen. Hope that you are able to get Aiou Tutor’s address and name I will explain to you properly the method  Don”t Worry.

Find Your Tutor Simply follow the steps below.

Go to

Click User Id and Type Your Id.

Click on Password and type your password

allama iqbal open university tutor name
allama iqbal open university tutor name

allama iqbal open university tutor name
  • Select Language.
  • Click on Academic Records.
  • Click on My Tutor
  • Here you are, You will see your Tutor Address with Mobile No.

Simply call them or send your written Assignments to the tutor address

Click on the Blue button for tutor Information

3. Why does AIOU has to stop producing tutor addresses?

It is quite true that AIOU has stopped producing the tutor’s addresses for the past three years. Firstly, the main reason for stopping this service is that we have shifted our focus to online teaching. We are trying to deliver education to the masses across the country. And this is the best way we can do that. As you know, online teaching is getting very popular day by day.

4. What is the role of a tutor in the AIOU system?

As a tutor, you have to play an important role in the education of a student. You are the one who will help a student overcome all the difficulties he/she face while studying at the university. The students depend on you for their progress in the university, so you should be reliable. Once the students trust you, they will be able to share their problems with you and you will be able to solve them easily. You should also be flexible because you are bound to get many different kinds of questions from your students. Your knowledge in the subject you teach is the greatest strength you can rely on. You should always be prepared for the classes, and to maintain discipline during them. You should also be serious about giving the exam papers to the students because this test will decide their future.

5. What are the qualifications required to become a tutor?

The most important qualification that a tutor need is good communication skills. Since a tutor is helping a student in learning, he should be well aware of the subject he is teaching. So, he should be sure of his subject. A tutor also has to be a good listener. This means he should be open to questions and clarifications whenever the student seeks them. Good tutors are also good listeners. Being a good listener means that the tutor should be patient in listening to the questions and clarifications.

6. AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No

You can search your tutor by roll number on this page. You need to enter your roll number and then submit it. Roll number is the unique number given to each student by the AIOU. This number is printed on your admit card. You can use this number to search your tutor by roll number. Follow the link given below:

You will find every detail about AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No in this video.

You can also contact us for AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No.

7. What if the tutor address is not found?

It can happen that tutor does not answer at the moment you are trying to contact them for some reason. Perhaps you caught him on a busy day at work or he might be out on a business trip. If you are lucky, he may have put up his contact information in a place where you can easily find it again. If you can’t find it then you can call or email him and try to set up a new appointment.

No need to panic, what you can do is to visit the nearest campus in search of a tutor as aiou campuses are all over Pakistan, in each city. Tell them your registration number and they will tell you the tutor schedule as well as their contact info.

8. How can an Artificial Intelligence tutor help you?

Artificial intelligence can be used in learning to help people in many different ways. In addition to tutoring, they can be used as a personal assistant, or to handle all of a person’s tasks. They can handle daily chores, and also make suggestions to improve a person quality of life. They can also be used to help people with disabilities and can act as a reminder for those who have trouble remembering things. There are many possibilities for how artificial intelligence can help.

9. AIOU tutor address for each class?

You can search each class name in Google with the following keywords – class name AIOU tutor contact number and get their contact details. The following are the search strings: Computer Science Class 1 tutor contact number AIOU Economics Class 2 tutor contact number AIOU English Class 5 tutor contact number AIOU

         AIOU Tutor Names and Addresses
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We hope you enjoyed our article about AIOU Tutor Address 2022 For Matric, FA, BA, MA & All Other Classes. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your academic studies by having access to a tutor. So what are you waiting for? Contact us anytime at ___- or submit a request to be contacted via our contact form by visiting ___- if you need help with your studies.

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