AIOU Degree Verification and Fee Structure Complete Process 2022

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1.What is aiou degree verification?

Aiou degree verification process is connected with the verification of various certificates issued by different educational institutions. This process is carried out by universities and organizations to grant the degrees of the students. The process of verification of the degree is conducted to verify the authenticity of the degree of the students and to confirm the genuineness of the documents which have been submitted at the time of admission. At the time of admission, the students had submitted many documents including their degree, certificate of experience, skill certificate, and many other documents. The educational institutions to verify the degree, also verify the authenticity of other documents submitted by the student at the time of admission. Most educational organizations conduct the process of verification of the degree in two phases. The first phase is the completion of the course, and the last phase is the verification of the degree. During the course completion period, the students submit the documents of course completion which include the certificate of completion, of course, the certificate of experience, skill certificate, and many other documents.

2.  Apply for AIOU Degree Verification & (check Tracking)

After completing the course from Allama Iqbal Open University you don’t need to get the degree from them and needs to verify it. You can verify your degree by going to your respective University or by getting your degree verified by NADRA recognition

Step by Step Process to learn How to verify AIOU degree

Watch the video for the complete verification process.

STEP 1: Write AIOU in Google and Open The First Link.

Step 2: Click on The ” Degree Verification System”

AIOU Degree Verification Complete Process 2022

Check out the AIOU degree requirement here. This is based on information from the university website. You can also search their website for the same. Fill out the application form. Pay application and other fees. AIOU can be contacted for information regarding the fees. Get documents attested. You can get your documents attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Scan or photograph your documents. Submit to the university. The university has its regional centers in Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad. You can also drop your documents at your regional center After completing the course from Allama Iqbal Open University you have to get the degree from them and need to verify it.

Step 3: Read the complete details shown in the picture and click on the ” Download Application” or “Challan Form” if you don’t want to submit online.

AIOU Degree Verification Complete Process 2022

Click the button given below And check the verification form

3. Degree Verification Form

A degree certificate is an important achievement for any student. It denotes the time, money, and efforts that a student has put in order to complete a particular course. The certificate is thus, also proof of knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. The certificate is also proof of eligibility of the student to any corporate sector work. A degree certificate is a document that prioritizes the efforts of the student in their course of study.

It is a simple form that can be downloaded from It is to be filled out and then post by ordinary post.

You can also get the degree attestation on an urgent basis whose fee is 1000 rupee and you will get same-day verification and collect it by hand from the campus.

4. How to get aiou degree verification for a job?

First of all, you don’t need a degree to get a decent job. If a company demands a degree for a job that you think you are qualified for, then you should look for another company. If it’s a job you like and you like the company, then you should get a degree. If your job requires a degree and you don’t have one then you should get one. If you are asked to get a degree from a particular university then you should comply. In other words, you should get a degree from a university that a company is willing to accept. If you don’t have the necessary prerequisites for a particular program then you should take the necessary courses to obtain the prerequisites. After that, you apply for the program. If you don’t get accepted, then you take the necessary steps to improve your marks to get accepted.

You can get aiou degree verification letter for a job by visiting this link: you can get A.D. from

5. What do I get after the verification?

After the verification, you get access to very insightful and valuable information, in form of videos and PDFs. You will also get access to our member’s forum where you can communicate with other people who are interested in investing and learn from them.

6. Do you have any doubts about degree verification?

Do you mean the degree verification process? If yes then let me tell you that the degree verification process is quite simple. There are many organizations such as InstaVerify, Verifinders, etc. which can help you with this. You just need to fill out a simple online form, pay a nominal fee, and you will get your degree is the best website for any type of academic documents validation. In fact, we are regarded as the most reliable and trusted academic documents verification service in the industry. Our service is efficient enough to help you in the authentication of any type of academic document. We follow a unique and efficient validation process to ensure the quality of our service. It is important to understand that our company is one of the first services to offer education verification.

7. How to Get AIOU Sanad (AIOU Urgent Degree Time.)

AIOU Sanad is mandatory for all students to get admission to any university in Pakistan. Every year more than thousands of students apply for admission to different universities of Pakistan. AIOU Sanad is very important for getting admission to any Private or Government university in Pakistan. Every year students get admission in different programs of AIOU in different subjects. Students need to have a valid AIOU Sanad certificate to get admission in any Engineering, Medical, MBA, master, and other Program. Students can get AIOU Sanad from the official website of AIOU. Students need to fill out the form online and submit their applications. After submission, they will get the confirmation of their submitted application. Students need to pay the fee online. After confirmation, students get their sanad within two to three months.


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